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Sprague S-216-JR

Sprague | S-216-JR-100 Standard Air-Driven Pump/Reservoir, Lubricated | Part No. 91612-61

  • $2,420.25

Teledyne Sprague, Air-Driven Pump

Model S-216-JR-100

Part No. 91612-61

  • General use air-driven pump services oil, water, and compatible chemicals.
  • Wetted section components are stainless steel, compatible with most non-abrasive liquids.
  • Safe for use in hazardous areas.
  • Standard with Nitrile Seals.

Technical Specifications:

 Pump Model No. Part Number

Maximum Output 

psi (bar)

 Port Threads

Driving Air, Inlet, Outlet

Actual Weight

lbs,-oz. (kg)

S-216-JR-100 91612-61



1/2 NPT , NFC, NFC

20-8 (9.3)


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