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HTS94 Hydrostatic Test System

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Designed for the testing the integrity of pressure vessels

such as pipes, fittings, valves, tubes hoses, cylinders and receivers, etc. and the calibration of instruments, gauges, relief valves, pressure switches, transmitters, etc.

The testing can take the form of proof testing, leak testing, burst testing or fatigue testing.
The HTS-94 and the HTS-94PC (Portable Console) are specially designed with the Technician / Specialist in mind; light weight and portable, safe and accurate with all the necessary controls and components self contained. Developed from 30+ years of field engineering experience. These state of the art Hydro Static Test Systems are available exclusively from Hydro Technology Systems.  

Features & Benefits:

  • Compact, Light Weigh and Portable

(2-Wheeled console – only 110 Lbs. with removable “D” handle.)

  • Safe, Clean and Simple

(Totally enclosed)

  • Rugged & Dependable 

(Lubricated air not required)

      • Easily Serviceable

      (Hinged & removable access door)

      • Block & Bleed Valves Standard

      • "Auxiliary" Test Port Standard

      • Many Popular Options Available

      (Air Hoses)
      (Quick Disconnects) (Test Hoses)
      (Test Gauges) (Chart Recorders)
      (Dead Weight-Testers)
      • Fully “Raw Water” Compatible

      (All Wetted Parts-Stainless Steel)

      • Pre-fill Through The Pump

      (Large Check Valves)

      • Wide Range of Testing Pressures

      ( 100 times air drive pressure)

        • Stainless Steel Piping
          • Console Design will accept the following pumps:

          1.5 and 2.2 HP (1.1 – 1.6 kw)

          • Standard Service Pumps Pressures to 20,000 psi (1380 bar) and flows up to 27 US-GPM (103 L/Min)

          NOTE: Stock Range:10,000 PSI (690 bar) at .5 L/Min

          • Higher Pressure Pump Options to 50,000 PSI and Flow Rates to 60 cu. In/min.

          Technical Data:

          • Pumps Operating Temperature Drive Section

          ( +25° - +150 °F) Ideal Ambient

          • Liquid Section

          Above Freezing to 130°F Max, (High Temperature Model 275°F Max)

          • Compatible Liquids

          (Tap Water, Sea Water, Deionized and Demineralized Water)

          • Special Service Pumps Available for:

          (Petroleum Based Oils, Diesel Fuel, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids and Petroleum Based Solvents)

          • Console Size
          30 inch Height, (76.5 cm)
          16 inch Width, (40.8 cm)
          19 inch Depth, (48.5 cm)
          • Weight: 110 LBS (51 kg)

          • Air Drive Pressure

          100 psi (7 bar) Max 70–85 SCFM (2.0–2.43 S cu m/min)

          • Operative Media

          (Air, Nitrogen, CO², Natural Gas)

          •  The HPZ-09 carries the European Union's  approval.



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