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HPZ-09 Mobile Water Jet Packing Extractor for Valve & Pump Packing

  • $17,950.00

ALSO AVAILABLE TO RENT  : $300 per day 7 day minimum

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The HPZ-09 Water Jet Packing Extractor has been designed for the fast and efficient removal of valve stem packing, pump packing and flange gasket residue. This technology eliminates the risk of scoring, scratching or gouging  valve stems, stuffing box bores or flange face surfaces caused by the use of out dated steel manual extraction tools which cause leak paths. The HPZ-09 Mobile Extractor operates on compressed air; with no electricity required. The DSG-20 extraction gun is a hand held device that is activated by depressing a gun type trigger. This allows for a safe and positive flow and shut-off control at the gun. The HPZ-09 Mobile Extractor provides the operator with the ultimate in safety and control of the amount of water or fluid used in the extraction process. The use of the HPZ-09 Mobile Extractor 
will reduce maintenance labor costs in all industries and result in a substantial reduction in 
Man-REM-Hours in Nuclear Power Plants. Unpack your valves in minutes, not hours. Increase the quantity of valves you can repack during a plant maintenance shutdown and / or get your units back into production quicker. 

The HPZ-09 has been re-packaged to reduce weight and increase portability and to verify that it is indeed a one man operable system. The case is now virtually indestructible molded polyethylene; built to withstand repeated abuse. The two position telescoping handle, locks in place, and oversized widely spaced wheels provide ease of movement and recessed wheel housings make the equipment easy to move around your facility. The case comes with a comfort grip handle and a lifetime guarantee!! The outstanding performance  and long-term reliability of the HPZ-09 is still the same, but the light weight case makes the equipment user friendly. 

Dimensions: 11" (28cm) high x 20" (51cm) wide x 17" (43cm) deep 

Weight : 60 lbs (27 kg)


  • Discharge pressures to 20,000 PSIG-(138MPa) (1400bar).
  • No electrical components for safe, non sparkling operation, explosion proof.
  • Operates using plant water via hose or included non-pressurized portable reservoir.
  • Compact console case, light weight, for operating in tight spaces an elevated areas.
  • Reduces labor costs/1man operation.
  • Plant air operated system.
  • Water inlet filter, auto drain air filter.
  • Removes packing from control valves without removing actuator.
  • Removes packing from valves and pumps inline.
  • Dual regulated air supply.
  • Rupture disc safety head
  • The HPZ-09 carries the European Union's  approval.

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