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HII | 5G-TD-28/60 Air-Driven Gas Booster, Two Stage, 9000 psi

HII | 5G-SS-30 Air-Driven Gas Booster, Single Acting, 9000 psi

  • $3,640.00

Hydraulics International Inc. Air-Driven Gas Booster, Single Acting, Single Drive (Single Stage)

HII Model: 5G-SS-30

Approximate Stall Point: Maximum Safe Pressure PSI (BAR) Volume Displacement Per Cycle
( Area Ratio x
Drive Air PSI
) + ( Assist Factor x
Gas Inlet PSI
Outlet Inlet IN3 (CM3)
30 x Drive Air (No assist from gas inlet) 9000 (621) 9000 (621) 3.1 (51)


  • Separation between drive and gas section uses three
    dynamic seals with dual vents.
  • Air drive line lubrication not required.
  • Rugged soft-seat, high-flow check valves in gas section(s).
  • Only hydrocarbon-free stainless steel, bronze, PTFE and
    Viton gas section internal parts exposed to gas flow.
  • Heat of compression reduced for long seal life because cold
    exhaust air surrounds gas barrel(s) inside cooling sleeve(s)
    (see Figure 1, Item 4 above).
  • Standard trim is weatherproof and suitable for offshore service.

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