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HASKEL MDTV-5 | 0.33 HP | Air Driven Liquid Pump

HASKEL MDTV-5 | 0.33 HP | Air Driven Liquid Pump

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.33 HP (.25 KW) M Series Pump Model

  • .875" stroke .33 hp miniature pump series
  • Reinforced tefl on dynamic seal
  • Viton o-ring static seal

Model Number: MDTV-5

Nominal Ratio:  5

Technical Specifications: 

Horsepower 0.33
Actual Ratio 5.6
Displacement (cu) 0.83
Displacement (ml) 13.6
Service Code 1 YES
Service Code 2 YES
Service Code 3 YES
Service Code 5 YES
Service Code 5a YES
Service Code 6 YES
Max Rated Continuous Output Pressure (psi) 625
Max Rated Continuous Output Pressure (bar) 43
Max Rated Intermittent Output Pressure (psi) 625
Max Rated Intermittent Output Pressure (bar) 43


Optional Modifications

Number | Description

26063-3 Dead Man valve. ¼” NPT port
 26064-3 Combination air regulator/filter with gauge. ¼” NPT port.
 26065-3 Speed control valve. ¼” NPT port.
 26082 Handle only
 26220-2 Conversion kit w/handle
 26220-3 Conversion without handle
 28320 Manifold mount inlet port
 28590 Palm or foot start/stop button for drive
 28700-1 Air OP. release valve
 28926 Remote bleed for start/stop control
 29002 Viton Air Drive
 29697 Single stroke from remote air pulse
 51331 (EPR) Ethylene Propelene static seals in wetted section
 51788 Piped exhaust-standard
 51794 Piped exhaust-sour gas with hand pump
 51794-2 Piped exhaust-sour gas without hand pump
 51804 Muffler 1.4" NPT male port (for use with piped exhaust modifcations below)
 51809 Normally open air operated release w/ relief valve
 51809-1 Normally closed air operated release w/ relief valve
 51810 Safety Relief Valve
 51811 External Air Pilot
 52340 Solid Air Cap
 52950 Electric stroke counter provision
 53175 Level II Cleaning
 53304 Super pressure outlet port
 53784 Piped exhaust (drive only)
 53935 Low temperature drive
 54179 Stroke adjuster (includes 29697 above)
 57905 No return spring (except M-5)
 59888 Cycle timer installed
 80103 Noise reduction
 80348 SAE outlet for M-pumps
 81499 EPR Seals for M and MS series for Liquid Section
 82367 SS Trim and Sour Gas Mod for 29723, MCPV, and M series pumps
 82500 ATEX Modification (Available on MS & 29723 but not M series)
 85630 Conversion kit, new style exhaust muffler
 86337 Ext. life air drive
 HP Hand Pump (w/handle) Attachment
 V Manual release w/relief valve forM & MS pumps

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