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HASKEL DHF-300 | 1.5 HP | Air Driven Liquid Pump

HASKEL DHF-300 | 1.5 HP | Air Driven Liquid Pump

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1.5 HP (1.12 KW) Series Air Driven Liquid Pump

  • Stainless steel hydraulic piston and body
  • Pump incorporates a Distance Piece
  • UHMWPE (Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Dynamic Seal)

Model Number: DHF-300

Nominal Ratio:  300

Technical Specifications:

Horsepower 1.5
Actual Ratio 345
Displacement (cu) 0.14
Displacement (ml) 2.3
Service Code 1 YES
Service Code 2 YES
Service Code 5 YES
Service Code 5a YES
Max Rated Continuous Output Pressure (psi) 30000
Max Rated Continuous Output Pressure (bar) 2069
Max Rated Intermittent Output Pressure (psi) 50000
Max Rated Intermittent Output Pressure (bar) 3448


Optional Modifications

Number | Description

16821 Low air pressure control feature for operating at air pressure as low as 3 or 4 psi
16831 Low temperature modification for special sealing in air drive for operating temps From as low as -20º F and up to normal 120º F
16834 Exhaust adapter with back pressure balance piston
17860 Electrical stroke counter - Installed
25721 Mechanical Stroke counter - Installed ( 6 digit)
27964 Interconnecting inlet - Outlet tubing - 1/2” female for 4:1 ratio series pumps
28000 Threaded vent (or purge) ports on standard distance piece except 1.5:1 ratio
28003 Test port - Provides access port in pumps body between inlet and outlet check valves for 1:5 and 2 HP pumps, - 10 ratio higher, single acting
28881 Start/Stop pilot modification - 1/8 NPT
29376 Three way cycling spool - for 1.5 and 2 HP single acting pumps
29702 Single stroke modification
29806 Double distance piece- for 1.5 and 2 HP pumps only, except 1.5:1 ratio
51050 Extreme service cycling modification
51056 Exhaust/pilot vent combination
51331 EPR (Ethylene Propylene) Static seals in wetted section
51345 Sour gas drive provision to NACE specs. 1.5 thru 2.2 HP distance piece (specify single or double air head)
52788 Viton seals air drive
53925 Severe arctic low temp. service -25,-35,-60,-100,-150,-151,-225,-450 ratios
54885 Rotated body pump 90º from standard
54935 SS trim for 5/3 air drive
55305 Tube ports (5/8 SAE) inlet and outlet - for 1.5 thru 2 HP pumps
55465 Ceramic Plunger -60 Ratio
55516 Polyurethane “W” seal in “F” series pumps-except high output models
55630 Stainless steel (SS-316) distance piece - for 1.5 thru 2 HP pumps
59353 Noise reduction modification
59888 Cycle Timer
82460 HNBR Seals in Air Drive Section
82500 ATEX Modification (Not available on AW or DSXHW pumps)
82958 9/16 High pressure outlet converts medium ratio 10-122 outlet 1/2 port to high pressure port
86337 Ext. life air drive
B Bottom inlet (medium and high ratio)
BR Bottom Inlet (low ratio)
C-1 or 2 Air Controls
CO Air controls with recycle button. ½” NPT.
CP Air Controls with precision regulator
CPO Air controls with precision regulator and recycle button. ½” NPT.
W Additional upper foot bracket.

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